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Ms. Shannon Estep

Co-Chair of the SOTC Party and a US Navy Veteran, Chairwoman Estep shares the passion and the vision of the SOTCP and her fellow Veterans. her diligence, leadership and candor are vital to the success of the Party and to restore the faith of Veterans in our leaders.

Mr. Shannon Hogan

Co-Chair of the SOTC Party and a United States Army Veteran. He has fought tirelessly to establish recognition for Veterans in all facets, including the early stage development of the first mobile application to allow Veterans to report hiring and employment discrimination. His efforts are carried out on a daily basis, even long into the night. Veterans are family and nothing less.


For those with whom we served...

Your service was and is a testament to your willingness to answer to a cause, far greater than yourself. This is the most honorable trait of any man or woman. Therefore, you deserve to have your service honored by those responsible for that level of service. That is why we are here.

The 9th Court of Appeals denied the motion to expedite, which means our party WILL BE registering with the State of Ohio as a political party! We will post our official file on this website for viewing when it is filed and accepted by the ohio Secretary of State.
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Way to Rightful Life is a Constitutional right and has been protected by those of us who have served to defend her. We share this belief, and the belief is as common as the bond of our service, sacrifices and brotherhoods that live with us all the days of our lives. Ours is a family, unlike any other. We are the 1% who selflessly chose to honor our nation and preserve the American ideals and way of life. It is ours that has made this the Rightful Life...and the ones we deserve.
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The Sand Table

Our primary agenda is the formation of the party as a minor political party in our home state of Ohio. With the denial for the motion to expedite, the path has been cleared to organize as a minor political party, and allows us to begin the process of official recognition of political party. We could not be happier and we know our Veterans, Military, families and supporters are very pleased with the result.

Our next agenda is to select officers of the party, hold our primary and officially name the elected appointees. We will then begin to proceed with our fundraising efforts and seek our first victory in the local elections, before moving onto the State and Federal Governments. We can only move ahead with the support of our fellow veterans and military members, families and supporters!

Court of Appeals Decision Outcome

Inaugural Primaries Election

Officer/Appointee Voting Selection

State of Ohio Political Party Registration

Registration with Board of Elections
News & Events
The Soldiers of The Constitution Political Party
Official Political Party registration is being organized and submitted to the Ohio Secretary of State for minor political party affiliation!

The Soldiers of The Constitution Website is Launched
Our website is now active and fully functional! Please feel free to browse the site and links and enjoy the new look and feel of the SOTC Party web home portal.

Donation Link Coming soon
In order to accurately track and account for all donations made to the SOTCP, we have not yet begun our campaign party fun donation drive as of 01-14-2014. However, when we do, all donors will receive a reciept from our party through our donation link to accurately log your donation. We thank you for your support!

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